Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Copied From My Other Blog: Carla Chameleon

I created a new blog today. I've been planning to for a few weeks now. I have a 'writing project' of sorts. Just more of my pure goofiness. I'm going to write love letters to men real and imagined. I am hoping that if I find I have a flair for it that perhaps I'll have enough entries to be publishable. Perhaps. It's a lark for now.

Why the title of the blog. I don't know. I friend and I were writing back and forth and I misread something he wrote as "French Bathroom Games" and my mind went wild with it. I envision bidets and powdered wigs. I posted a couple things about it on my yelp profile and lady asked me about it today saying she even tried to google it. Well, I figured this is a winner so I since I had no other name in mind I choose this. I think it suits it. French - because I can be pretentious at times (sorry, France). Bathroom - because I'm frequently lowbrow. Games because I'm ALWAYS in a giddy, playful mood - well unless I fucking hate you.

So yeah. New blog. I think you can link over to it through my blogger profile. I will work on getting it synced with Facebook and might give FBG it's own twitter page... or not. Don't know yet.

For my first love letter, I think it will be to one Mr. Adrien Brody.

YO, Adriiieeen!!!!!

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